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UI and UX designs: what are they?

The phrases UI design and UX design are frequently used interchangeably. Even though they are connected, they also share some traits and have comparable duties.
UI Design refers to User Interface Design. A graphical layout of the application for which one is working. It is the look, features, and display of the current application. The best UI design is the one that helps users to have the best on-hand experience over the application design.
User experience design, or  UX design , is concerned with providing the best possible user experience for all goods and services. User experience (UX) is established by how a user engages with a certain program. Only if the app has been designed with the person who will use it the most in mind will the UX be flawless.

Advantages of UI/UX design firms

Your brand can benefit from expert consulting and any other UI/UX design services. Design determines how people will see you since it serves as the primary conduit between consumer needs and business offerings. You’ll be able to draw in and keep clients far more successfully if you offer a clear interface with straightforward user experiences. Other advantages offered by an experienced UI/UX design firm are:

Perfect Individualization

Customized designs enable you to demonstrate your dedication to each client. We create interfaces for a range of users, including those who are disabled.

Less chance of failure

You can test user flows and features with preliminary research from a UX design firm without spending a lot of money or time.

Be apart from the crowd.

Engaging solutions encourage conversion. More importantly, users remember them and your brand, respectively.

Experts in field

What makes us special?

In addition to software creation, optimization, or migration, our UX design firm manages both standalone projects and discrete components of larger solutions. With us, you get specialized, adaptable designs that support your company's objectives and increase client retention.

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Discovering Stage

Researching the scope and issues is part of the discovery step of the UX design process. Defining your requirements and the goal of your project is the first stage. Our UI design business is able to gather all the information required to get started by conducting various sorts of stakeholder interviews. Here, we examine the organization's, people's, or teams' main business goals. Data and insights on how users are impacted by issues and the solutions they have already attempted are another area of analysis.



We begin incorporating received commercial and technical requirements into a future product after establishing needs and objectives. In order to better understand user experience and integrate it with the products and services, you obtain user stories, user personas, and storyboards. You can be guaranteed of user-centered design because such boards are accessible for every use case. The major objective at this point is to complete future conceptualizations of the product's functionality and to outline all relevant processes.


Functionality at the UX stage

The actual UI design services are the following phase. First, we draft UI/UX wireframes, which are detailed blueprints or skeletons of your solution. These screens have plain blocks instead of images. They facilitate the fusion of all components to reveal fundamental structures. Additionally, you can obtain design prototypes through a further step. Prototypes are models for actual items; they demonstrate how a website or app functions and how the final design will look.


UI graphic design

Wireframes are further enhanced with graphic components and interactions. You can now get UI design mockups with corporate branding, fonts, and styles to see how your solution will appear to users. Additionally, we use motion on the interface to boost usability and stand out as much as possible from the competition. Following the approval of all graphics, we compile them into a document called the UI Kit - UX/UI, which explains every system component's style and behavior. We may transfer designs for future development more quickly and easily thanks to this document.


The offered UI/UX design mockups and prototypes are subject to any requested alterations or upgrades. Testing continues until no further problems with the user experience can be found. At this point, the primary usability heuristics are controlled by our UI design company (for instance, consistency, system status visibility, error prevention). User testing is the same way. Additionally, based on requirements, we may calculate ROI (return on investment). This relates to the economy's and income's (return's) balance (investment). You can expand if your ROI is positive.


Support and adjustments

You can acquire your UI/UX solutions once all wireframes, mockups, and prototypes have been approved. We give our skilled frontend developers access to all pages and screens that contain the necessary features. They make certain that everything seems exactly as intended. We can also create UI Kits for you, giving you access to all the components in addition to the completed interface. You receive proactive support from us at every level, including coding and the implementation of finished designs or interfaces. We're prepared to address issues, manage the upcoming UI/UX consulting stages, and improve UI/UX solutions.

Why to choose Dimagital Media?

When you choose our services, you receive everything you need to correctly realize your product idea, including design guidelines that will enable us to deliver your product more quickly and without sacrificing quality and experience working with Fortune 500 clients.


Design Decade

Our experienced design team can help make any idea come to life with the newest tools and technology, from straightforward event apps to scalable business software for 500 firms. We'll make sure the finished product appears and functions as you wanted thanks to our established procedure and standardized design approach.


Standards setup in-house

We established a set of guidelines for each designer to follow in order to guarantee the high quality and prompt delivery of your product. We employ design processes, conduct thorough design reviews, reuse the most effective techniques and resources, and continuously coach our designers. You end up with a knowledgeable crew that is structured and skilled.


Broadcast-Range Experience

For all of the key industries, our design team has developed various software systems and apps. You may rely on their thorough root cause analysis, expertise in designing interface architecture and animation, in-depth post-analysis, and more. You'll receive a polished end result that works well and looks great on all platforms.

Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of a UX design project depends on a variety of things. The project's size and scope, nature (from scratch or redesigning an existing design), platforms (mobile, online, TV, kiosk), technology used, and design services offered (user research, interviews, testing), to name a few, are among the deciding criteria. The delivery date is another. It's challenging to give a price up front without knowing the specifications and the complete extent of the job. In general, depending on the size and complexity of the job, we bill between $40 and $50 per hour. Depending on the extent, our average UX projects can cost anywhere from $200 to $500 and sometimes well above $1000.

Someone who is concerned with the preliminary research for future UI/UX developments is a consultant. He or she determines the ideal techniques to design everything after analyzing your product and/or requirements. Delivering workable designs without consultation is quite difficult.

The UI/UX sector is currently home to numerous fresh talent. People are getting into it because they value design, consider it to be an intriguing industry, and recognize its potential. However, this industry isn't at all oversaturated when it comes to professional agencies.

Briefly put, user experience and user interface are two domains that cross to define how customers interact with products and services. Consequently, UI refers to the aesthetics of interfaces, buttons, menus, etc. The user journeys, procedures, and interaction flows are supported by UX.

A strategist is someone who plans everything out. He or she can integrate a variety of abilities, including design, writing, analysis, and marketing. Any strategist's ultimate objective is to design extremely user-friendly and practical flows and interfaces.

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