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We are an automated testing firm that offers expert automated testing services to expand test coverage, shorten test execution time, remove quality issues in the early stages, and accelerate time to market. We can provide the best testing procedures because of our experience and proficiency in developing custom software for different business areas. Software test automation services are required to set up test environments, create continuous integration and development pipelines utilizing the most recent tools and technologies, and devise testing methodologies based on the demands of your particular project.

Benefits of Our Software Test Automation Services

We offer software automation testing services to reduce testing time and costs, boost test coverage, create reusable test suites, and accelerate time to market. Consider integrating automated testing in your software testing approach as it has several benefits.

Lower Expenses

Test expenses can be reduced by using automated tests because they don't need as many specialists, can be reused, can be planned, and can be started without human involvement. Our automated software testing business aims to provide an immediate return on investment.


Automated testing, as opposed to manual testing, allows users to be imitated in large numbers. Therefore, it's crucial to employ automation to test how your program would perform under heavy demand, in different circumstances, and how various users would interact with the system.

Greater resources

By using automated testing services, you may free up resources while verifying fundamental functionality. Manual testers can concentrate on evaluating some new features to see how customer-centric they are, even though some tests are automated.

Boost accuracy

Maximum accuracy and results are achieved during automated testing. Automation tests ensure that everything that has been explained and written is accurate and complete. They are more trustworthy than manual testing, where a person could miss something.

Experts in field

What makes us special?

Our automated testing business offers QA automation testing services in a straightforward manner. We prioritize flexible collaboration and excellent software.

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Our automated software testing procedure


Detailed analysis

We begin test automation by learning about the current methodologies, methods, and tools for quality assurance. In the following phase, the infrastructure will be examined, a rough test automation approach will be developed, and a service-level agreement with pre-determined metrics will be established.


Information transfer

We establish a thorough test strategy and plan, enhance the current QA procedures, and assemble a test automation team while putting up an automated testing process. To obtain all the information required for tests to be automated, we also work with teams performing manual testing.


Test execution

Our automated testing services involve setting up the testing environment, creating test cases, preparing test data, creating and maintaining test scripts, and reporting in accordance with the pre-defined metrics in the SLA.


QA optimization

By working with Agile teams, soliciting input from technical leads to increase automated test coverage, reducing defects, increasing CI/CD pipelines, and integrating new testing technologies and tools, we continuously improve test automation.

Why to choose Dimagital Media?

We provide a test automation approach based on the demands and specifications of your project. A shortlist of test cases that should be automated, a description of the test environment, the opportunity for reuse of automation scripts, the objectives of test automation, and anticipated results are all included.


Automating Group

We provide test automation services both in Agile teams and inside specialized teams for automated testing. Developers, test automation engineers, infrastructure experts, and specialised specialists frequently make up such teams. To achieve the best testing strategy, these teams work closely with human testers.


CI/CD process

To enable continuous development and integration, our experts design and put into practice CI/CD pipelines. Especially for cloud-based projects, CI/CD pipelines streamline and expedite the development, deployment, and test Automation Processes.


Testing for Regression

We perform comprehensive regression testing at least once prior to release. After reaching specific development milestones, partial regression is possible; it contains tests that are impacted by the deployment changes, in accordance with impact analysis. These tests may be launched following each deployment once they were automated.

Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Test automation engineers offer automated testing services with the goal of automating the testing process, increasing its efficiency, and freeing up resources for more advanced tasks.

The cost of automated testing services is determined by the size, complexity, and number of tests required for your project. Your requirements will be examined by our QA engineers, who will then provide you a pricing estimate.

Automated testing can shorten testing times and costs, increase software quality, hasten delivery, and improve the effectiveness of the software development process.

To assess the system's performance under the anticipated peak user load, load testing is required. Because automated load testing enables quick configuration of load parameters and accurate data, it should be carried out utilizing automation tools.

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