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Utilize business intelligence to transform your data into insightful knowledge. We may create brand-new custom software or update your current analytics systems using our knowledge and BI services. More employees may now access and use the necessary information to make data-driven decisions thanks to modern intelligence business solutions.With the help of predictive analytics capabilities, business groups can create predictions for the future utilizing BI software. In the end, businesses may evaluate many data types using the business intelligence software solutions available today, including third-party, unstructured, and multi-structured data sets.

Services for Business Intelligence: Advantages

We are one of the business intelligence software providers that will use technology to address your difficulties and support your greatest potential for growth and income. Your implementation of business intelligence software will yield the most benefits if you receive advice from our specialists on how to do it. The benefits include increased corporate productivity, improved risk management, simple data quality monitoring, and customizability options. Learn more about the advantages here or get in touch with us for free advice.

Boost Business Effectiveness

By installing the most recent BI tools and technologies or upgrading the old ones, we are one of the business intelligence solution providers that aid organizations in a variety of industries in increasing their operational efficiency. You can uncover more effective ways to improve operations, marketing, and customer experience while processing a sizable number of mixed data types.

Better Risk Management

Solutions for business intelligence assist organizations in tracking risk compliance and making data-driven choices. The BI tools are also used for fraud inspections, such as tracking dishonest user activity and spotting irregularities. We are one of the businesses offering business intelligence services that creates predictive analytics products to accurately predict market trends and demand in order to reduce risks.

Regulating Data quality

We offer business intelligence services to businesses so they may easily arrange their data. Our solutions are geared on delivering thorough analysis of financial and operational data, enhancing decision-making, automating reporting, and reducing the time and expense associated with analysis. For improved data gathering and processing, we also provide data warehouses that work in tandem with BI tools.

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What makes us special?

With an extensive and optimized internal BI solution or BI as a service, you can: Take all uncertainty out of your business procedures. Boost customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness. Find trends and new business prospects.

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Why to choose Dimagital Media?

Being content with what you have is not a good business strategy. The BI solution that has been established in your company can and ought to be upgraded if it does not satisfy your business needs.



It is simpler to examine your data and find issue areas when we know what we are searching for and why, thanks to the assistance of our specialists who help you define the clear purpose of BI enhancement and translate it into tangible objectives.



Just as the implementation of a new BI solution, the enhancement of the existing one starts with a scrupulous analysis. We analyze your BI software performance, backlogs, data quality issues, value for particular user groups, technology stack, etc.


Making recommendations and implementation (if required)

We introduce recommended improvements through an iterative approach, that may cover changes in KPIs and reporting, data quality enhancements, and solution modifications.

Invest in clever custom solutions for your business that were created with your needs and specifications in mind.

Our Software for Business Intelligence


Analytics for the future and data mining

In addition to BI and reporting tools, custom business intelligence service solutions are used to create new data, track dependencies and patterns, estimate pricing, revenue, return on investment, market demands, and many other things. We can assist you in determining the problems that data analytics can solve as well as the best technologies and tools to use.


ETL and data warehousing procedures

In order to assist organizations in bettering data aggregation, storage, processing, and analysis, we offer custom warehouse development services. Data marts, 360-degree view systems, and Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) patterns are all areas of our competence. In accordance with your particular needs, we also provide DWH modernisation and update.


Data visualization and self-service BI

Gain a holistic view of your valuable data with custom software solutions for data visualization. We design and build user-friendly dashboards that gather information from disparate sources, and convert it into critical reporting and analysis insights. We have experience building self-service BI systems that simplify the work with data and allow users to access the required data and analyze it when they need it.


BI advisory services and software audit

To assess your existing technological condition and pinpoint areas that can be enhanced with business intelligence application solutions, we provide BI consultancy and software audits. Our analysts identify the most effective ways for you to use data to take advantage of new business opportunities. They then give a thorough plan and strategy.

Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

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By integrating your operations, business intelligence software services seeks to create a unique BI system that will assist your company in addressing a variety of difficulties and enhancing productivity, teamwork, employee, and customer satisfaction.

Business intelligence is used to show organizations how to manage data effectively, make better decisions, and produce more accurate reporting. We'll work with you to design a unique BI system that meets your needs and your company's objectives.

Each customized business intelligence solution performs as intended to satisfy customer requirements. We develop self-service BI, data warehouses, predictive analytics, data mining, and other tools to make your daily business operations easier.

Depending on the scope of the job. The length of time it takes to implement BI software varies from a few weeks to many months. After BI implementation, many businesses begin to see benefits and decide to expand their system by including new features and functionalities.

The following are the key performance indicators for the business intelligence strategy: - utility - the solution performs the intended task efficiency - fast and effective operation of the system - dependability - system operates without error - in keeping with expectations - The system meets the expectations of the users Moreover, KPIs can be specified prior to the implementation of BI system. Evaluating the outcomes of implementation will be beneficial. Measures can be both quantitative and qualitative.

Both previous and more recent versions of Excel can be used to import and export data from all business intelligence platforms now in use. Because.xls and.xlsx files are a fairly common data source, the tools used in ETL services typically have a preconfigured driver to operate these file types.

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