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PPC or Pay Per Click

One of the most well-known internet marketing techniques is PPC, or pay per click, in which the advertiser is charged a fee each time one of their web ads is clicked. The top PPC Services in Delhi NCR and throughout India are provided by Dimagital Media, the #1 PPC Company in Delhi India in this cutthroat market. In this cutthroat business environment, Pay Per Click advertising services are necessary for a company to draw in significant leads and conversions. As a result, we do our best to provide the most precise PPC Services in Delhi.

Our PPC Ads Management Services Include-

It’s a world dominated by smartphones. Today, smartphones are used for the majority of online activities. The rivalry in this internet market has doubled because people are inundated with too much information about brands, their goods and services, and other topics. According to this, businesses must run their online ads to generate more qualified leads and conversions quickly. For independent companies of all sizes, Dimagital Media, the leading PPC Company, provides a wide range of expert PPC ads services on many platforms.

Search Ads Promotion

In order to ensure that the ads are seen by highly relevant users, we strive to build attractive search advertising campaigns that adhere to precise targeting criteria. To maximize the return on investment (ROI) from the campaigns, our professional staff at Google Ads Service Company regularly monitors the results of the ongoing ad campaigns.

Advertising using banners and displays

As part of our PPC services, we use eye-catching banner and display ads to promote our clients' brands. We offer cutting-edge banner advertising solutions to help ads create the ideal targeting combination and find the proper audience by keeping up with the most recent developments and trends.

Social Media Marketing

Businesses now have numerous options to use social advertising to reach their target audience thanks to the growing prevalence of social media. Social media advertising combine with other types of social media material to increase their relevance score, resulting in higher-quality leads for the company.

Advertising for mobile devices

Mobile advertising is critical in today's mobile-first environment. Dimagital Media, the top PPC advertising agency, offers mobile advertising campaigns that help companies more effectively contact their mobile clients.

Experts in field

What makes us special?

Our PPC tactics differ slightly from those of the competition. Our PPC professionals have more than ten years of industry expertise, so they know exactly what kind of PPC campaign would work best for a company to generate the most leads and ROI. They frequently keep an eye on the PPC ads that are now active and use data analytics to further plan out the next marketing move, always aiming for higher ad positions at reduced prices.

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Dimagital Media's PPC Management Strategy

PPC will be approached differently by each agency. Here are the nine guiding principles that our PPC campaign is built upon:


Your Account Is Yours.

Your PPC campaign is a resource. Regardless of who your PPC management provider is, you should own whatever you produced and optimized because you paid for it.


Conversion rate optimization

Leads and/or sales are what matter, not clicks, impressions, click-through rate (CTR), or any other meaningless vanity number. We only focus on KPIs that your company is aware of and values.


Write a Natural Language Report

We spare you the technical jargon and only report on the KPIs that matter to your company. We're happy to talk shop unless you want to geek out.


No silos

AccordingThe PPC campaign at No Silos Dimagital Media is designed to assist our whole digital marketing department's efforts, particularly those in content marketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and search engine optimization (SEO).to studies, a poor user experience causes 88% of online buyers to abandon a website and never come back. Your online stores shouldn't experience this. Utilize Dimagital Media's eCommerce web design services to make a good first impression on potential customers. We make your material scannable, employ high-quality photographs, keep your web design clean and professional, and optimize your product pages.

No Long-Term Contract

Our PPC agreements are month-to-month and can be terminated with 30 days' notice. The greatest way to keep a client is to produce an amazing service, not tie them up in a lengthy contract, in our opinion.


Disable Autopilot

Depending on the expenditure velocity, we manually manage campaigns on a daily and/or weekly basis. This guarantees that our PPC managers are constantly monitoring the account performance and acting fast to fix problems.

Why to choose Dimagital Media ?


Google Ads Account Review

To properly organize and manage the active ad campaigns, our team of committed PPC Ads experts does a routine audit of the client's Adwords accounts.


Conversion Enhancement

A/B testing allows us at Dimagital Media , the top PPC advertising firm, to build effective ad campaigns with the goal of generating the most leads and conversions possible.



Ads will be shown to those who have already visited your website throughout this process. Such individuals are shown suitable ad campaigns by our qualified PPC Company staff to increase conversion rates.

Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Your company will have the chance to show up in the sponsored listings on the search engine results page by investing in PPC campaigns. In this manner, you will rise to the top and attract the attention of your potential client right away. The two main advantages of PPC campaigns are that you can simply track PPC performance and that you will only pay for clicks from interested parties.

PPC will produce results more quickly than other organic techniques. The entire process of operating a PPC campaign, including keyword research, quality score, and other adjustments to copy and landing pages, makes it difficult to achieve consistency in PPC efforts. It will typically take 2 to 3 months before you actually see the PPC results you want.

The advertising may show up on the search results page, social media platforms, other websites and apps that you are browsing, as well as Google Shopping, display, social media, remarketing, mobile, and other types of PPC ads.

The Click-Through Rate (CTR), which is derived by dividing the total number of clicks by impressions, can be used to assess it. A high CTR will show that your target market is interested in what you have to offer.

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