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Any software must be tested manually, and test automation is frequently built on top of manual testing when developing complicated systems. It is done to see if the functionality of the solution match the specifications, to find errors, inconsistencies, and flaws, and to assure prompt correction. Without testing, it is impossible to create software that is of high quality and without errors. All varieties of manual testing services are offered by us. Our quality assurance and test engineers are fully qualified and certified to assure a professional testing strategy.

Our Manual Software Testing Services: Advantages

To create software that fulfills your needs and expectations and works properly, manual QA testing services are required. All sorts of testing are available from our manual testing and bespoke software development company both independently and as a component of your project’s growth. These are the main advantages you can enjoy.


Services for manual testing assist in finding faults and problems while preventing frequently rewriting code. By delivering timely reports on discovered faults and requirements inconsistencies, it helps save money.

Observation of details

Our manual testers pay attention to detail. They are proficient in a variety of testing techniques and their attention is divided between identifying flaws and offering conclusions and logical reasoning in test cases and reports.

Human centeredness

Manual testing, as opposed to automated testing, is more customer-centric because it is carried out by hand. A tester can assess the software from the viewpoint of the end user and provide feedback on what can be improved.

Experienced QA engineers

By attending various industry conferences, workshops, and training sessions, our test engineers continually increase their knowledge and proficiency. To ensure efficient testing, we employ the most recent tools.

Experts in field

What makes us special?

In order to guarantee the application of best practices and the high caliber of the finished software product, our manual software testing firm has a well defined testing approach and a set of regulations.

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Our IT support and maintenance procedure


Analysis of requirements

Since the very beginning of a project, test engineers have been involved in business and functional analysis. They assist architects and analysts in accurately defining functional requirements and determining the range of manual testing services.


Test Approach

Documents for test planning and strategy are being created as soon as the requirements are complete. Throughout the whole software development life cycle, they serve as a guide for all testing procedures, timetables, test coverage, etc.


Test cases

In order to fully test the requirements and create the required test coverage, test cases are written. They are developed using application logic, existing rules, and the software requirements specification (SRS) and non-functional requirements (NFR). We can establish a foundation for reproducible testing of the upcoming software versions thanks to this documentation.


Test execution

One of the most crucial phases of software development is test execution, which enables determining whether requirements are met as anticipated. Here, we list and rank the most important flaws alongside less important gaps and issues. All flaws should be fixed before the subsequent testing cycle.

our four step process

Reporting bugs

To inform the team of the discovered flaws and to determine the priority and severity of the fault, effective bug reporting is required. Once everything has been explained, a tester is assigned to a developer who is in charge of addressing bugs. Reports speed up the software development process by maintaining consistency and traceability in test history.

Why to choose Dimagital Media?

We are a manual testing firm that does a variety of tests, including system, functional, usability, scalability, security, integration, and other tests. Each type of testing has specific goals, but they all typically serve to determine whether the software performs as expected and necessary.


Testing for user acceptance

We determine whether the product is prepared for release at the UAT stage in collaboration with end users on the client's end. It provides an additional opportunity to confirm that the system operates properly in the end-user context. Every UAT scenario is planned out and approved with the client in advance.


Matrix of requirements traceability

To verify the extent of the requirements testing, we employ a traceability matrix. It is designed to link all test cases to their corresponding user stories and lets us keep track of which feature requirements are tested for and which are not.


Test results and metrics

To determine the best course of action for the subsequent stages, to be clear about what needs to be done to fix the defects, to make forecasts, and to send Jira reports to the client, we use a variety of test metrics, including defects by severity, defects by priority, and test case execution productivity.

Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Software testers carry out manual testing to make that your program operates as intended, is bug-free, and offers a great user experience.

The scale and complexity of your project have a significant impact on the price of manual testing services. After analyzing the requirements and the scope, our test engineers will estimate the cost and offer it.

We offer a wide range of automated and manual testing services along with a commitment to developing software products that are bug-free, on schedule, and within budget.

The percentage of testing that has been done for a product is indicated by the quality indicator known as test coverage. Both functional and non-functional testing operations can benefit from it. To fill in for missing test cases, this metric is employed.

No. Only once all modules have been installed and are functioning properly should system testing begin. However, it must be done prior to UAT (user acceptance testing).

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