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We are a software support firm that can assist you in creating, implementing, and integrating new functionality with other features or external programs utilized within your company. We’ll give you a thorough integration framework from our architects. Standard break/fix services, technical support, and software maintenance are all things we offer for software that was either created by our business or given to us by other vendors. You can remove many hazards and plan the IT budget by having ongoing IT maintenance and support in place. You gain from managed security, improved business continuity, and overall corporate efficiency in addition to greater software performance.


Software Maintenance and Support Services: Advantages

For speedy troubleshooting, digital transformation, and different enhancements, we offer dependable software maintenance and support services. Contact us today to go through your needs. Discover the advantages that expert software support has already provided for hundreds of our clients.

Professional assistance

Strong developers, business analysts, and test engineers make up our technical support and maintenance staff. They will discuss your needs with you and work as a team to meet them. We'll create the best plan for your project based on the software audit, your requirements, or a business study.

Modern consulting

We offer advising on digital transformation, software architecture, IT infrastructure, and many other custom software development-related topics, in addition to providing expert software support solutions and services.

Several options

We provide a greater selection of support choices compared to other software maintenance businesses. Our customers are appreciative of the opportunity to choose a convenient timetable for this service and match their financial expectations with our offers.

Open-minded collaboration

Because we are committed to offering top-notch services, you will receive regular reports based on the type of service you receive as a client. We'll report on problem-solving, bug-fixing, the introduction of new functionality, problems, changes, etc.

Experts in field

What makes us special?

For all types of software, whether it was created by our firm or by some other vendors, we offer IT support and maintenance. For this service, we provide a variety of choices. First and first, cooperation begins with understanding your wants and demands. Then, one of our IT experts will create a unique proposal just for you. Once a deal is reached, we continue knowledge sharing to ensure productivity.

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Our IT support and maintenance procedure


Choosing your needs

In order to determine the optimal service option for you, we first determine your issues. Our software support services are divided into two categories using a two-tier system. Brief descriptions of the scope for each category are provided below.


Knowledge exchange

We form a team, hold numerous meetings to gather all the information about your project and any project-specific problems, and then create support plans and workflows based on your needs in order to provide effective and prompt support.


L2 technical assistance

Tier 2 technical assistance is a prioritised troubleshooting procedure where we assist our clients in fixing system problems without modifying the code. Databases, software systems, and cloud solutions are all included in the scope of these services.


L3 technical assistance

Software code modifications are necessary for Tier 3 software maintenance support. Bug fixes, integration issues, performance concerns, and security failures are all covered by the service scope. The majority of L3 support agents are familiar with the product backend.

Why to choose Dimagital Media?

We provide dedicated technical support teams made up of project team members who are available in accordance with several options like on-call, 24x7, during a specific time on business days, etc. for long-term and difficult projects.


Ongoing Assistance

Services such as break/fix, bug repairing, troubleshooting, backup, ongoing advice, and advisory are all examples of ongoing software support and maintenance. Your software-related problems can be handled at any time by one of our specialists.


L2 help desk assistance

With regard to critical client inquiries about IT infrastructure, software, break/fix, and configuration, DICEUS offers tier-2 help desk service with no-code. You can also obtain expert IT advice and assistance with troubleshooting.


L3 help desk assistance

To resolve IT issues or develop new features, you can have access to knowledgeable resources (middle and senior architects and software engineers) with L3 technical assistance. After determining the root reasons, our specialists will decide whether to provide a repair.

Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Software support services are typically provided for specific software packages as technical support or break/fix services. These services include revenue from on-demand, incident-based support or long-term technical support contracts.

After a product has been released, software maintenance is carried out for a variety of purposes, such as to enhance the program generally, to fix problems or bugs, to improve performance, and more. Software upkeep is an inherent component of the SDLC (software development life cycle).

To secure company continuity in the event of an unexpected occurrence, have your software systems supported by experts, and deliver a great user experience, you need IT maintenance and support services.

Depending on the type of maintenance you require or the support plan you select, the cost of software maintenance services will vary. For an estimate, get in touch with us.

We take into account your project-specific demands and requirements as we deliver IT support and maintenance on time and within budget. Additionally, we promise consistent reporting.

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